All 4 Adventure Prize Giveaway

All 4 Adventure are running the ‘Live The Dream’ competition … with a grand prize valued at over $225,000, one lucky punter will be the envy of their mates with this ALL TIME prize giveaway. For your chance to win,

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Patriot Campers 6X6 Megatourer

There are many six-wheel drives—but only one Megatourer! In 2016 Patriot Campers took the Australian 4X4 world by storm with the release of their LC79 Supertourer dubbed the ‘Black Truck’. The media coverage the Black Truck received far exceeded the

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All 4 Adventure Series 9 Trucks Revealed

This reveal is the first look at what Jase and Simon will be driving in Series 9 of All 4 Adventure, which will be returning to television later this year! Premiering on 5 November at 1pm on Channel Ten, here’s

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LED Series Driving Lights

Introducing: Xray Vision’s new LED Series 9” and 7” driving lights Featuring twelve 10W CREE LEDs in the 9” and eighteen 5W CREE LEDs in the 7”, these high quality driving lights produce a broad pencil beam pattern that shines

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Quad-optic LED Slimline Driving Lights

Following the success and immense popularity of our LED linear range, we’ve taken the quad-optic technology from the linears and put them into our new slimline range. Range highlights: 950 Series pencil shines over 800m @ 1 Lux Only 70mm

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Quartz Halogen vs HID vs LED Driving Lights Video

Choosing a driving light can be a bit daunting, so we’ve compiled this video of real world driving footage to demonstrate and compare the performance and beam patterns of Xray Vision quartz halogen, 90W HID, and quad-optic LED driving lights.

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Portable LED Worklights with Battery Magnetic Base

Introducing the new Portable LED Worklights with Battery Magnetic base. Featuring a high intensity flood beam and three operating modes, this battery powered LED worklamp combines mobility with high performance and compact design. The long-life, lithium rechargeable battery allows the

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Quad-optic LED Linear Driving Lights

Driving Lights: REIMAGINED The LED linear driving light range combines Xray Vision’s unique state-of-the-art Quad-optic LED Multiplexer Projection Technology with a distinctive, sleek form-factor. Available in true pencil beam, spread beam, and dual beam versions, Xray Vision quad-optic LED linear

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Xray Vision’s biggest ever display

Held at the RNA, the event is one of the biggest of its type in the country. The Xray Vision display—our biggest ever—covered a massive 114m2, and featured our famous Lighting Demo Booth (affectionately known as ‘Barry’), lots of TVs

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Off-road LED Lightbars

The Xray Vision stable has just been expanded to include a range of LED Off-road Lightbars! Great for using in conjunction with your driving lights, these LED off-road lightbars produce a wide flood of light: ideal for off-roading, low speed

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