Lighting applications

Almost all Xray Vision driving lights in the range feature true pencil and spread beam options … with the few exceptions being models that have a driving beam which is somewhere between the two.

Pencil beam pattern from an LED driving light

Spread beam pattern from an LED driving light

Pencil beam driving lights lighting applications

Pencil beam driving lights are ideal for long distance journeys. They shine far into the distance giving excellent vision of the road ahead. Applications such as open highway driving and high speed driving are perfectly suited to the pencil beam pattern.

Spread beam driving lights lighting applications

Spread beam driving lights are ideal for seeing a wide area in front of the vehicle. The beam is wide and even, providing excellent all-round vision. Applications such as turning corners, driving over hilly or mountainous roads, driving off-road and beach driving are perfectly suited to the spread beam pattern.

Driving lights are often fitted as a pair (one pencil and one spread beam) to give the user the advantages of both beam types. Some off-roaders prefer to have all spread beams for negotiating difficult tracks at night. Some truckies already have decent headlights and will mount several pencil beams to get maximum distance for the overnight haul. It’s completely up to you and what you want to use them for!