Quad-optic LED Slimline Driving Lights


Following the success and immense popularity of our LED linear range, we’ve taken the quad-optic technology from the linears and put them into our new slimline range. Range highlights:

  • 950 Series pencil shines over 800m @ 1 Lux
  • Only 70mm high including mounting feet
  • Available in 30W, 45W, 60W and 90W

The LED slimline driving light range combines Xray Vision’s unique state-of-the-art quad-optic LED multiplexer projection technology with a slimline form-factor. The quad-optic LED technology focuses all the light onto the road ahead into true driving light spread beam and pencil beam patterns.


As used by Jase and Simon on series 8 of All 4 Adventure!

As used by Jase and Simon on series 8 of All 4 Adventure!

The LED slimline range features:

  • Quad-optic LED multiplexer projection technology
  • Availble in true pencil and spread beam patterns
  • High powered 5W LEDs, Multivoltage 12–30VDC
  • Die-cast alloy housing, providing excellent thermal management and maximum light output
  • Virtually unbreakable hardened polycarbonate lens
  • High performance computer designed multiplexer projector, optical lens and reflectors
  • Powder coated steel mounting brackets
  • Optional dual stack mounting brackets are available

View the New Xray Vision quad-optic LED slimline driving lights range!

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