Lighting Facts

Lighting Facts IntroductionIntroduction to Lighting

See Beyond: welcome to Xray Vision lighting technology.

Lighting Facts Globe TypesLighting Technology Types

Find out the differences between quartz halogen globes and HID systems.

Lighting Facts Free-form ReflectorLight Projection Technologies

Learn why lens optics is out, and optics-free lenses with free-form reflectors are in.

Lighting Facts Output Lux LumenLight Output Lux Vs Lumen

Discover why the brightest light isn’t necessarily the best light.

Lighting Facts Kelvin ColourKelvin Colour Temperature

Discover the different colours of light output and what creates this colour difference.

Lighting Facts ApplicationsLighting Applications

Find out why you might need a pencil beam and a spread beam driving light.

Lighting Facts Vehicle Lighting SetupVehicle Lighting Setup

Explore the beam patterns from different types of lights, and the best setup for your vehicle.